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At the Kinderversity Learning Centre all are welcome irrespective of age, status or qualification. Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, educationalist, group or individual who has an active interest in learning and the assistance of learning we are here to help promote participation, collaboration and open discourse(ideology & dogma excluded). Subscription is open to everyone of legal age as determined by whichever country you are accessing us from. For the purposes of child and vulnerable persons protection, students can only be subsidiary's of existing registered subscribers and direct communication through Kinderversity will only be possible between students and their registering subscribers.

We are dedicated to the creation of a safe environment that is able to assist and enhance the ability of young minds in developing a solid foundation in learning skills. In simple terms we not only want to help young minds to learn we also want to help them learn - how to learn. There is no single method of learning that works for everyone therefore to enable as many young minds as possible to achieve this essential life skill we are approaching from the position of providing multiple methodologies helping towards the discovery of what works best for each individual. For example the learning of multiplication tables is a skill of enormous value in life. Unfortunately  Kinderversity has heard it proposed by many teachers that one of the best ways to do this is to ‘learn by rote’. This may well be the case but what about those for whom this doesn’t work?

There are many methods employed all over the world that can be used to help not only learn these tables but also understand why they are so important. By presenting the best of these methods we can allow the individual the choice of which is the most illuminating. Without the pressure of formal education this not only fosters a sense of pride in their achievements but can also open up a new world of possibilities that we cannot even begin to imagine.

As we must reiterate, this is not a challenge to those in the teaching  profession, for whom we have great admiration, merely an aid. We are well aware that due to demands, time constraints and numbers of students many things that we will do, for most as teachers is not possible….. Until now that is, you can always join us using your skills, as other subscribers, to help many learn who you would not normally meet.

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